Anthem Blue Cross denies substantial part of home birth costs

Our son was born at home, with the help of the excellent midwives of Awakenings Birth Services. Happily the mother and child were very healthy, and everything worked out great. Except, of course, our health insurance. Our health insurance was through Anthem Blue Cross. They have just recently formally rejected our grievance against their decision to deny most of the claimed costs. They appear to be largely unaware of what was actually billed to them — our midwives sent them a bill for $5000 for the prenatal care and birth, but on the occasions I’ve spoken to a representative on the phone, they seem to be unaware of the number of times a midwife visited, or what they did on any of the visits. As such, it seems clear that their decision is based on ignorance, and is likely an example of “routine rejection”.

I’m now beginning to send them documentation of the various visits made before the birth, in the hope that they’ll see that they’ve made a mistake. I’ll also tell them that we’re more than happy to go to the small claims court over this!


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